About Santis

SANTIS LABCO has been established in Pakistan since 2010, works with customers that belong to different industries in various sectors. With the ISO certification (ISO 9001-2015) quality certificate it provides material and product procurement to its customers with superior service standards and optimum prices, with the structure of “just ask”.

SANTIS LABCO provides unique product ranges and unrivalled delivery services to meet all your needs from a single source. You can be assured that we will support your business by supplying the products you need at any time and any place.

Our Mission

To develop spirit of dedication in providing best hygiene solution to customer who are by playing active and committed role while fulfilling the need of quality conscious customer. Considering the international standard, innovation and consistent quality to meet and promoting business practices that respect ouremployees, our customers, our suppliers and the environment.

Our Vision

To be a leader and customer’s first choice in the field of hygiene, cleaning chemicals & solution by constantly developing and upgrading our products,services and technical support while remaining true to our core values.

Our Core Values

Customer Focus

We concentrate our efforts on the individual requirements of our customers and help them strengthen their competitive position and performance.

Personal Engagement

We achieve results through individual commitment, continual skills development.

Team Orientation

We rely on the strength of teamwork to achieve synergies and realize our full potential.


We utilize our extensive know – how and experience throughout the company to continuously bring new services, applications and products to the market.

Integrity Sustainability

We are a trustworthy, loyal and respectful partner in all our internal and external relationships. We contribute towards sustainable development by finding the best balance between environmental, social and economic needs.

Director Message

At Santis, I am proud to be part of an excellent team that strives on reaching this success and greatness. We all want to be part of a team that leaves a legacy and is remembered for years on what we have accomplished.

We bring our traditional values of fairness, honesty and trust to bear on modern and innovative ways of working and developing our business and associated relationships. We endeavor to be one of the most competitive companies in the industry with emphasis on efficiency in operations and reliability for customers. With great passion and immense speed and take great interest in the interests of our consumers and understanding their problems.

We are a very subtle organization and we like to create examples from our work, we are more practical than any industry providing our scope. Our goal is not just to build a great enterprise for us and for our people but also to enrich and give back to the societies in which we live. We have solid relationships with our International as well as local support partners in technical.

As for our plans for growth, we have set ourselves the goal of becoming a leading supplier and first choice of our customers. We intend to focus on and pay attention to every part of our process, continually developing and improving each aspect, as well as managing the organization with good corporate governance policies of transparency and fairness.

On behalf of our whole team, I would like to thank you all for your affiliations, trust and supports in all sectors of the company’s operations at all times. I can assure you that we will continue to conduct our business upon a strong foundation of good and ethical practice.