70 % Alcohol Based Multi – Surface Sanitizer

Fast Action against Bacteria

  • Kills bacteria and cleans in a single – pass application.
  • Suitable for multi – surface equipment, doors, handle etc. including stainless steel, most plastics. glass, ceramics and paintwork.
  • Quickly evaporates, leaving the surface clean, dry and disinfected.
  • Suitable for HORECA food processing area, pharmaceutical and healthcare.
  • Suitable for use as a mid – shift disinfectant, to maintain high levels of hygiene, as well as for sanitizing surfaces both pre and post shift.
  • Residue free alcohol-based sanitizer for quick and active sanitization during work.


For Professional Use Only



Store in an original sealed container and keep away from direct sunlight, extreme temperature. Keep out of reach of children.

Pack Size

  • 5 litre.
  • 750 ml Trigger.

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Pack Size


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