All-Tyvek® Bags Tubing & Wrappers

Made from 100% Tyvek® and available in almost any size, these steam-sterilizable bags, tubing and wrappers are ideal for very large, heavy or irregularly shaped components such as carboys and stopper tracks or very small parts such as filling needles. These bags, tubing and wrappers provide a consistent and convenient method for wrapping components and also facilitate the aseptic installation of components inside the aseptic core. All-Tyvek® construction provides maximum steam penetration and can address residual moisture issues.


These bags and tubing can be heat sealed or taped closed, and when opened, virtually no airborne particulate is generated. Bags with drawstring closures are also available. All-Tyvek® bags, tubing and wrappers are processed and packaged in a certified Class 100 cleanroom.

  • Autoclavable
  • All-Tyvek® construction
  • High-strength seals
  • No size or shape limitations
  • Vapor transmission across entire surface
  • Fast-drying/breathable
  • Heat seal, tape or drawstring closure
  • Puncture resistant and tough
  • Simplifies wrapping of large, bulky or very small items
  • Facilitates aseptic installation of components

Sterilization bags, tubing and wrappers are now available as part of the Purefit™ line of sterilization wrapping. Purefit bags, tubing and wrappers from STERIS are made from a new grade of uncoated, untreated flexible Tyvek® material that has been specifically designed for use in pharmaceutical steam sterilization applications.

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