CIP 200®

Formulated Acid Cleaner

CIP 200 formulated acid cleaner is a high-performance detergent serving the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetic, and other industries requiring an effective validatable cleaner. This product is formulated with phosphoric acid, surfactant cleaning agents, chelating agents, and other essential ingredients. It is low foaming and engineered for use in high-pressure applications.



  • Processing Equipment
    • Process Vessels
    • Reactors
    • Blenders
    • Tableting Presses
  • Derouging and Passivation
  • Component part cleaning
  • Ultrasonic washing
  • Laboratory Glassware

Features and Benefits:

  • Has both specific and non-specific methods to detect cleaning agent residues.
  • Methods include HPLC, TOC, conductivity and others.
  • Manufactured within an FDA and ISO 9001-registered facility.
  • Free rinsing.
  • Supports Quality Assurance and Quality Control.

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