Cip Alka 60

Alkaline CIP cleaning agent

Cip Alka 60 has been developed for CIP-cleaning in the food industry (including dairies, slaughterhouses, breweries etc.), the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry, as well as process cleaning of boxes, stands and moulds, etc.

It should not be used on aluminium or other non-alkali resistant surfaces. If in doubt, please contact your Novadan consultant.

The product can also be used in other industries and for other applications, by agreement with Novadan’s consultant.



A highly alkaline cleaning product that is particularly well-suited to single phase cleaning, with alternate acid cleaning approx. every 5-15 days, depending on application and water hardness. We recommend the use of Cip Acid KA for this purpose.

For water of low-medium hardness, CIP Alka 60 can also be used for single phase cleaning with subsequent
disinfection, using Desinfect MB/Oxidan Extra.

The product is unique for removal of fats. It will also remove proteins and starches, if used with a booster.

Does not contain EDTA.

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