Disinfect Glutar Active


Liquid disinfectant for surface disinfection of stables, storage buildings, transport vehicles and equipment in poultry, pig, cattle and mink production and garden centers.

Desinfect Glutar Active is especially well-suited for cold or thermal fog disinfection.

Desinfect Glutar Active is only for use in empty stables


Desinfect Glutar Active is a broad-spectrum disinfectant with microbiocidal effect on bacteria,
fungus, spores and viruses down to 5°C.

To ensure optimal penetration in cracks and crevices, Desinfect Glutar Active contains surfactants.

Futhermore Desinfect Glutar Active contains alcohols as well as glycol for optimal fog building.

Desinfect Glutar Active does not corrode metals.

The product has bactericide and yeasticidal effect.

The product is active against virus.

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