Steraffirm® Bowie Dick Test Packs

Air Removal Test for Steam Sterilizers

The Steraffirm Bowie Dick Test Packs are preassembled single-use test packs designed to evaluate the performance of the air removal system of a pre-vacuum equipped sterilizer at 121°-124°C (250°-255°F). Each Steraffirm Bowie Dick Test pack consists of a series of steam penetration (air removal) barriers into which a chemical indicator sheet is embedded. During the pre-vacuum cycle, air must
be removed or displaced from the barrier material and steam must replace the air throughout the pack. A uniform change from yellow to blue/purple indicates adequate steam penetration. The Steraffirm Bowie Dick Test Pack is manufactured in the absence of lead and other heavy metals.


Features and Benefits:

  • Conforms to ISO 11140-4:2007 standards
  • Abrupt and distinctive total color change from yellow to blue/purple
  • Test pack available for 121°-124°C/250°-255F
  • Ink is free of lead
  • Meets a critical standard as a Bowie Dick alternative indicator for the detection of steam penetration
  • Designed for Life Science application conditions

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