Verify Steam Integrating Indicator PCC064

The VERIFY STEAM Integrating Indicator is used to demonstrate that specific steam sterilization conditions have been achieved within wrapped packs, sterilization containers and sterilization pouches that have been processed through a steam sterilization adhered to label face stock that has been coated with a polypropylene film, steam sensitive chemical and a filter paper wick.



The VERIFY STEAM Integrating Indicator is designed to monitor 30 minutes 250°F gravity, 3 minute 270°F gravity and 4 minute 270°F prevacuum steam sterilization cycles. Integrator strips are placed into each pack to be steam sterilized in the area deemed to be the most resistant to steam penetration. During steam sterilization process, steam penetrates the indicator strip causing the steam-sensitive, dark colored chemical to melt and migrate across the window. When the dark bar reaches the ACCEPT window, the conditions for sterilization are met. If thet dark bar does not appear in the ACCEPT window, the conditions for sterilization are not met.

Features and Benefits:

  • Dark color bar migrates along a paper wick to reach ACCEPT window
  • Indicator length of 4”
  • Endpoint result is clear and unambiguous
  • Increases ease of locating indicators in pouches and instruments sets

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